Traffic Light Problem…

OK…before I sign-off from the blog , I remembered to share something. I found this pretty interesting in terms of  how I view it.  Whoever gets an opportunity to read this , please do share your experience also.

Situation is little peculiar…Imagine that you are in the front-line of cars or whatever favorite vehicle you are driving and hit a red-light. Usually we tend to see if the signal is working or not. If it is not working , then it tends to be a very easy decision…navigate  through the risk and cross over. Think about the fact that   it is working and you need to wait for it to go green. As it seems in general we see lot of honking happening around us to cross-over!!

You need to make a decision on how to move in this case. Yield under pressure and break the process , thereby allowing others behind you to follow into same decision or to wait and cut the noise around you , so that you can remain focused to follow the process.

In office also we are faced with these situations where as leader of the pack you got to follow process for one and all. One should always have this principle that we don’t break already working process and prevent people from committing mistake while we remain in front of the pack. This allows for one to come out as strong leader and get valued for principles , which requires strong will to follow as well practice. This way one aids in a culture that creates an atmosphere of self-discipline rather the policing approach.

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