The launch quandary

Often at times we have been faced with dilemma of launching products in market and when to bring it out of dock versus internal readiness.

One would state every company has metrics and decision KPI that can help managers effect such decisions but reality is it remains a quandary!! & ever so more in start-ups.

It is given that world would never be a perfect place and product launches are no exception. I would like to make one thing clear that I am not discussing development strategies but ability to define minimal viable product & letting the rubber hit the road. We often get stuck with following themes…

1. Does it contain all ideas of user flow envisioned
2. Have we written the code in best possible way
3. Did we incorporate all available internal feedback
4. Would customers accept this feature or not
5. Is every unit ready 100% to support the launch

It is important to frame a good test and learn strategy to counter these themes. We should try and adopt a calibrated way to solve launch quandary and most importantly take swift decisions. One important aspect to this problem statement is defining a minimal viable product.  What is that set of features which will allow you garner eyeballs and create nonexistent external feedback loops. Domain experts and technologists should come together and create that vision

It is given that customer behavior will always remain a black swan event and any amount of research will still elude you from reality. Some key things which can help get over this problem…
1. Define strict time lines and adhere to it
2. Create a minimal viable product set
3. Define scale of minimal viable product and set internal expectations
4. Strive for quickly setting external feedback loops


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