Tale Of Many Internal applications

Internal tooling architecture is as much an integral part of tech strategy as the core tech roadmap which enables topline. Often I have seen that we make tooling without understanding the customers ( internal ). These tools largely tend to grow as isolated patches and considered low on agenda to maintain or service…

Internal tools and utilities should also have coding standards with backbone which allows them to keep pace with the main architectural platform..within organization various business stacks should be made to plugin into that so that we can systematize software inventory and support the business operations in a scalable manner. Best of breed approach with services based coupling should help organization create business efficient operations.

It may not look that savvy to build and maintain internal applications but it has indirect ramifications to core business and people of the organization. Internal tooals usually get created with dev. mindset and generally ignore the customer who would use it because adoption is through imposition and approach is to rid development from iterative non-engineering tasks.

Tooling is great project for freshers but it should have boundaries of organization architecture on top of which they are able to create plugin based applications for business processes or core functions that are enabled by mainline architecture.

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