Mumbai – Find Your Way!!

A minion comes to Mumbai on a business trip. Before hand he had researched some places to go in Mumbai , but they were not the exact names of those places in town. Whoever reads this post can at leisure imagine what those places would be … as you read on the post!!

He was eager to get to a place which is known as ‘con man’s market’ . Later in the day he wants to see actresses and actors , as Bollywood seems to be a buzz word in city of dreams…he will visit ‘fair people village’…by late noon minion stepped into a part of city that went like this ‘place for art lovers’. With enough leisure time , it was time for minion to get down to business and he headed towards that part of town where ‘darkness descends’.

And now as evening sets in , it is time for minion to retire in his plush guest house which is known as ‘famous south India’s coastal hills’.


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