Lean Management

When things start to grow in start-ups and they groom themselves as organization , it becomes very important for top management to quickly change their lens of how they view or get involved with the complicated layers of business.

If one can view through three simple lenses of strategy , process & operations , businesses can manage collaboration with collective development of strategy along with the senior management but always vest the right with owner of business to take final call.

One looses agility or tends to , as things grow across functions and expansion is non-linear. Counter this with process which focuses on culture and management style aimed at implementing lean management which will reduce complexity of decision making process and allow senior management to take calls in larger interest of business.

Some of these may ruffle feather with rest of the organization but then exercising final call and empowering help you retain your start-up spirit and still be able to grow into complex business operations. Delegate responsibility of day-to-day operations through your senior management and let your ‘A’ team execute by getting out of their way.

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