OSI Days 2015

I got an opportunity to attend & speak at OSI Days 2015 .  Enjoyed listening to couple of sessions in Web App Development Track  by Jacob Singh – from Acquia & Janardan Revuru from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

My topic was on how we could under 30 minutes assemble a rapid prototype that could enable basic messaging with ability to upload images with the messages if required.

I used following technologies to assemble a simple sample application for demo. Will refine more and put it back on github in coming days.

Software Stack Type Usage
Ember Open Source MVC Framework
Bower Open Source JS Dependency Manager
Node Open Source JavaScript Runtime
Filepicker Freemium Cloud file Upload Service
Firebase Freemium Cloud Database Service
Lunr Open Source Full Text Search
Git Open Source Repository Manager
Atom Open Source JS Editor

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