4 years & counting for more to come…

I have been two days late in sharing my thoughts on a personal achievement…which is completing 4 years at Cimpress. The delay has been  because of confluence of many events in last 48 hours , the PGPM Milan-2016 alum meet at SPJIMR , Arrival of Lord Ganesha & our real gods on ground.. which is Teachers Day.

To many it may seem , what kind of achievement is this , but for me it is a personal milestone. I have traversed through couple of companies in last 15 years & my satisfaction level has been never so high as it has been at Cimpress.


Working for the India business unit since its formative years , has been truly a great learning experience. Providing support to other business units and the flexibility with which leadership allows you to operate has been rewarding one too. I am passionate about solving problems and learn as we solution them. Cimpress due its disruptive vision has been a ripe a bed for me to face new problems in business and technology almost on daily basis. It is always exciting and I am even more respectful of level of engagement which every employee offers as part of  Cimpress  vision.

I have found to apply my learning from my engineering and b-school days more at Cimpress , than anywhere else. So a big thank you to my teachers in Jaipuria  , IET & SPJIMR , who made me what I am today & Wishing them a Very Happy Teachers Day!

I would yearn to spend many more at Cimpress & make positive contribution towards its vision in my own capacity & stride , but as the last two lines of the famous poem Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening by Robert Frost states:

” But I have promises to keep, / And miles to go before I sleep, / And miles to go before I sleep.”

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