More Than Entrepreneurship…

Entrepreneurship is buzz across the world , & everybody wants to take a plunge. I have observed various casual conversations as well other groups where everybody wants to do something but does not full acknowledge the entrepreneurship landscape. In warfare tactics , it is important to know your terrain before making a move and I firmly believe this is one thing which everybody should do to understand his or her current ecosystem before taking decisions. Bottom line understand it is game of patience and sustainability coupled with marketability of the idea.Realise the being an Entrepreneur is not a +1 notion but somebody who may have been able to sustain & show patience longer than you.


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I would not talk about why you should or should not take-up entrepreneurship but will try to pen down how to celebrate and acknowledge the world of being an employee.

  • S.W.O.T ( don’t go to b-school to just learn this. Any mature individual who is tad bit career minded should keep this always handy ). Knowing your strengths , weakness. Assessing your opportunities and acknowledging threats , helps one frame set of guard-rails of operating boundary. Being self-aware is the mantra. It can lead to be entrepreneurship if the idea matches up to your strengths and you don’t play to weakness as well remain away from threats or at least ebb them.
  • Follow Passion ( don’t confuse this with entrepreneurship , because it always does not mean that you have to be an entrepreneur to activate your passion ). One should always find time to do what you like from your innermost gut call. Don’t rely on organisations and individuals to do that. This allows one to focus better on work , as one finds peace in pursuit for passion
  • Define your operating landscape ( don’t be way-led on making your organisation a battlefield ! ). As an individual you should identify what type of people you did like to work , environment that makes you happy ( flexible hours / locations ) & what kind of management style suits you ( flat or hierarchical ) & above all what role you would like to be in. Don’t force yourself into role. Always have an image projection of where you are currently ( short term ) , where you want to be in next 2 years time ( medium term ) and how would you want your future role to look like ( long term )

At the end of the day inner happiness , credibility & respect can be achieved through many ways.

2 responses to “More Than Entrepreneurship…”

  1. I love your point about pursuing your passion doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be by being an entrepreneur. So many ways to get that “lift” — entrepreneurs feel the pull in that direction naturally.

    1. I agree Amy that there are many other ways. I love the way you put it across through your “lift” terminology.

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