Monolith 2 Microservices @ OSI2016

I have been little inactive for past few weeks & somewhat busy doing too many things !

I spent two days in Bengaluru participating as well speaking at Open Source India 2016. It was  a great experience and lovely audience to interact with. I had chosen to speak on microservices and how this is an evolving paradigm in current business context.

Idea of my talk was to drive following point:

You are either building software… or losing to someone who is – @littleidea

Comparison to monolith and the journey to microservices is just a paradigm shift depending on what we are trying to achieve and whether or not we have spine to carry that shift. It is not necessary to make a change if you can follow good programming practices and still remain monolithic in nature. Understanding why one would want to move to microservices and how is very important . Realising & mapping what intrinsic and extrinsic value addition it will do a over a period of time is the necessary business bridge to achieve synergy with current business objectives.

At the end of the day if one has to be great at building software then following things must always be kept in mind:

  • Technology
    • Build technology for ease of business
  • People
    • Hire smart and talented people across various domains
  • Product
    • Provide products as business enablers
  • Data
    • Create visibility of insights for remaining competitive
  •  Go-To-Market
    • Disrupt Go-To-Market strategies

One needs to build technology by hiring domain agnostic talented people who can build products to enable business through data and power disruptive go-to-markets.

You can find my presentation in following location: microservices @ OSI @2016

Happy Reading!

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