A Year In Making…

As we start the count down timer for the year to turn new leaf , there is always this feeling of nostalgia on how farther along we have come in our life journey.  Several evcoffee-in-plants_373x_2xents would have happened which our powerful brain would have tried to process and react to.  The myriad nature of these events in itself can put anybody in  awe of what a human body is capable of handling with resilience over a period of time!

We generally tend to keep pushing our limits to commit more & do more , but I guess the biggest gift we can give ourselves in coming year is to take a resolution of not making any resolutions! Life has come a long way and I am sure each one of us has some incomplete resolutions of past which need attention if they are still important and relevant to us , so looking through that would be a better idea than piling more on self.

Do things:

  • Take time out to say thank you to everybody
  • Spend time with your elders ( they are more valuable and relevant than what google can teach us and whatsapp can make us aware of ).  Elders help you slow down a bit and breathe !

Act responsibly and stay calm ! Happy New Year to everybody who reads this short post !

Always remember “people make people” , value each other and respect for what they stand for !


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