Crooked House

There was a remote village deep in jungle that consisted of handful families. In this village lived a bunch of kids by the name of Ram , Bholu , Sita and Gita. They used to always play together and go to school by crossing the jungle in next village.

While they would cross the jungle , some part of it was in the village and it had a crooked house. In this house there live nobody and it was vacant. Eldest of the friends Ram was a curious kid and was always on look-out to find hidden secrets. One fine afternoon while they were playing together , he prompted all of his friends to go to the crooked house and find what was hidden in there. At first the friends did not agree but then sheer excitement of doing something new gave them strength to follow Ram into this new adventure!crookedhouse

As soon as they entered the house the door started to creek and make sounds that would make one run away but the kids .. moved on and did not run backwards. While they were in the middle of the house which seemed like a dining area , they heard a spooky sound of “ting-tong…ting-tong…” Gita who was the youngest of the lot quickly cuddled with Sita and started to poke her to go back to village.

The kids got closer to each other and were looking for the source of sound , when suddenly they heard another trembling sound … that of a plate on a container on boil..

These sounds were more than enough for Gita to head back without any further notice but Ram held her back and broke the group in two. Ram & Sita headed towards the firth floor while Bholu along with Gita went in search of the second sound!

Ram .. shouted from top stating he has found a mouse tip-toeing on the clock hands which was then making noise of of the pendulum..The group was more relaxed.. Bholu on other found a kettle with a loose lid that was getting sunlight through the window and heating up the water ( the scientist in you would know … 🙂 ) , thus leading to trembling lid of the kettle…

The group was more relaxed and Ram told everybody that there is no such thing like ghost. One can explain things if you look for answers. All friends were very tired and decided to make their way back home as sun was setting and they had enough of adventure for the day…

Moral of The Story : One should seek answers even if it takes time , but not assume something as fact.

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