This article is dedicated to people who desire to take time-off but are not able to do so. It might inspire them to do so! There are life-lessons as well in this which mean a lot to me.

It has been one stressful year for me personally at work especially when you stop looking at the clock and are back in office in less than 24 hours. This is not complaining but reflecting on the fact that when you take ideas from paper to reality it takes a stretch of a mile to achieve it with the team. Countless people including the team support you in getting there and it reminds me that as an individual you can sustain only for a short burst but cannot play the long-term card.


Foremost though comes the family who work very hard around you to keep you going as well managing their own goal and mission. I have a wife who has a venture that is in infancy stage and a kid who has stepped into awareness zone with zillions  of question popping in his mind.   

Time-off for me is not about about the quantum of break but the quality & the quality is determined by the choices you make during your break. Here are some which I made

  • Say no to office conversations in any form
  • Get away from your current place. Change coordinates
  • Spend time with your family
  • Towards the end of the break watch office passively , don’t rush into it

Most gratifying of all the choices has been spending time with family, You realize how much ground you would have lost in between the corporate life ruckus that it is just too short for you to make up to your family.  I spent most of my time with my kid doing things he did like to do and as well building a computer with him!

Kano being build!

Above all I would say that extended family at office your team deserves a pat on the back , as they enabled you to take the time-off.

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