Leadership Skills # 4: Self Reflection Routines

Reflecting on your day-to-day experiences is an essential practice for personal growth. Although it can be challenging to realize the importance of this routine, it is powerful when you periodically capture information and review it on a weekly basis to see your progress. Personally, I have made progress in remaining simple and positive in my conversations through this practice.

You may find it difficult to make this a regular habit or even feel bored while doing it. However, during such times, it is essential to open your daily journal and try to answer questions about the triggers for your behavior.

Your daily reflections are closely linked to your aspirations for self-improvement, such as enhancing social skills, developing executive presence, and improving how you approach work. Measuring and providing yourself with a feedback loop helps you improve over time by using data as an introspection exercise. Although I won’t provide a template, I will offer a framework to help you get started.

To create a daily log of self-reflection, formulate questions in areas such as:

  1. Behaviors you want to exhibit
  2. Work you want to do
  3. Executive presence you want to aspire to

I personally use a simple Google form to capture this information. I use three option answers: ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘N/A’, and add commentary for every major section. Then, I compile all this information and create a weekly summary to evaluate my progress. I block 30 minutes every day on my calendar to write and reflect on the previous day.

Try to resist the sense of rejection towards this activity and take your development into your own hands through this routine!”

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