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I was going through one of the tweets from

Thanks to Jeff , I found it very amusing to build my own infographic through

Technology which is coupled with strong user experience allows one to focus on the need as opposed to how it is actualized!!

Why adding a feature to edit tweets after the fact might not be such a good thing

Are we making unstructured information more complex by editing tweets…how would data analytic self-heal in this case..


Every time a major news event happens, and reports start flying around the social media-sphere about the details of the shooting or earthquake or whatever it is, Twitter (s twtr) comes under fire for helping to spread inaccurate news, as it did during Hurricane Sandy and the Boston bombings. In some cases, those tweets are just mistakes sent in the heat of the moment, and the author is unable to take them back — but what if they could edit them after they were published?

According to a report from former Reuters social-media editor Matthew Keys, Twitter is considering a new feature that would allow users to edit a tweet after it had already been sent (Keys left Reuters after being charged with helping the group Anonymous hack a former employer, and has set up his own news site).

For what it’s worth, my own sources — who are…

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