Kids History Club – An Express Tour From Past

History Club is a social learning online platform for young kids where they meet to explore, explain and exhibit all about various details from the past. Here are my learnings as a host of these sessions, open for all to discuss more.

  1. History Presentation & Debate Guidelines
  2. History Quizzes & Puzzles
  3. History Debates
  4. Interviews with History Lovers
  5. World History
  6. War History
  7. Revolutions
  8. World Leaders
  9. India History
  10. Sports History

History Presentation & Debate Guidelines

History Quizzes & Puzzles

History Debates

Was Partition a Good Thing for India?
Romans versus Greek – Who was better!
Hitler or Mussolini – Who was a Great Leader
The impact of British Rule in India – Good / Bad
The Royal India Navy Mutiny @ 1946
Calculus & Related Controversy

Interviews with History Lovers

Catch-up with Sanaya Kashalkar

World History

Lost Civilizations
Great Depression
Sneak Peak Into Chinese History
Samurai Culture
Worlds Deadliest Air Crashes
Communism & USSR
Global Gateway & BRI
Space History
Israeli Palestinian Conflict
SAARC Countries
Car Brands
Baltics & Scandanavia
History of Animation
Age of Pericles
African countries
Guinness Book of World Records
Famous Treaties Of the World
Historical monuments of the world
Cities of Significance
Empires around River Systems
Coolest Events

War History

The Korean War
The Kalinga War
Indo-China v/s Indo-Pakistan Conflicts
Cold War @ What Does it mean ?
American – Mexican War
World War Zero
War of Roses


American Revolution
French Revolution

World Leaders

Dictators of the World
Famous Nobel Laureates

India History

Marathas – History & Culture
Dynasties of India
India Leaders
Central Asian Impact & Indian History
Famous Army men of India
Planning Commission & NITI Aayog
Defining Moments in Indian History
Princely States of India
Mysteries of India

Sports History

Cricket History
History of board games
History of the Olympic Games

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Over 20 years of experience developing software to support multi-million dollar revenue scale and leading global engineering teams. Hands-on leadership in building and mentoring software engineering teams. I love History as a subject and also run regularly long distances to keep myself functional.


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