Kids History Club – An Express Tour From Past

History Club is a social learning online platform for young kids where they meet to explore, explain and exhibit all about various details from the past. Here are my learnings as a host of these sessions, open for all to discuss more.

  1. History Presentation & Debate Guidelines
  2. History Quizzes & Puzzles
  3. History Debates
  4. Interviews with History Lovers
  5. World History
  6. War History
  7. Revolutions
  8. World Leaders
  9. India History
  10. Sports History

History Presentation & Debate Guidelines

History Quizzes & Puzzles

History Debates

Was Partition a Good Thing for India?
Romans versus Greek – Who were better!
Hitler or Mussolini – Who was a Great Leader
The impact of British Rule in India – Good / Bad
The Royal India Navy Mutiny @ 1946
Calculus & Related Controversy

Interviews with History Lovers

Catch-up with Sanaya Kashalkar

World History

Lost Civilizations
Great Depression
Sneak Peak Into Chinese History
Samurai Culture
Worlds Deadliest Air Crashes
Communism & USSR
Global Gateway & BRI
Space History
Israeli Palestinian Conflict
SAARC Countries
Car Brands
Baltics & Scandanavia
History of Animation
Age of Pericles
African countries

War History

The Korean War
The Kalinga War
Indo-China v/s Indo-Pakistan Conflicts
Cold War @ What Does it mean ?
American – Mexican War
World War Zero
War of Roses


American Revolution
French Revolution

World Leaders

Dictators of the World
Famous Nobel Laureates

India History

Marathas – History & Culture
Dynasties of India
India Leaders
Central Asian Impact & Indian History
Famous Army men of India
Planning Commission & NITI Aayog

Sports History

Cricket History
History of board games
History of Olympic Games