American Revolution

The club discussed about American Revolution and other fun facts related Space Agency as well !

GB= Britishers

  1. What was American Revolution Definition
  2. American Revolution was a political revolution that occurred in Colonies in Northern America {now called U.S.A} during 1775 to 1783.
  3. American revolution 1763 – 1783 – 20 year
  4. Native American sided the British
  5. The war was between 1785 AD to 1783 AD.
  6. The war started from Concord and Lexington.
  7. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin helped in writing the Declaration for
  8. Americans defeated Britishers in 13 colonies across US.
  9. GB had established colonies throughout east coast.
  10. Slaves were brought from Africa.
  11. 7 years of war also took between France and GB
  12. Spain, Netherlands, and France supported US.
  13. US congress was formed, and resolution was issued to remove GB
  14. Benjamin Franklin helped in war of Independence and also worked with the president to frame the constitution of America.

American Flag

  1. The American flag has changed many times.
  2. 50 stars represent union states.
  3. The red and white stripes present 13 colonies presentations.
  4. The colours have different meaning:
    1. Red for courage and readiness to sacrifice.
    1. white for pure intentions and high ideals.
    1. blue for vigilance and justice

Some Space Facts

  1. President who created NASA was Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  2. There are many theories of American faking Moon Landing.
  3. Company Tesla founded by Elon Musk owns a company known as Spacex that makes reusable rockets that can be go to space and come back
  4. Latest news

Other Fun Facts

  1. Each American state has two senators.
  2. Native people are red Indians.
  3. Americas was discovered was accident.
  4. Balled Eagle national bird.
  5. American president helicopter, plane and car. They live in white house [ green blue and yellow and red rooms.
  6. Columbus was a bad governor. Treated native Americans badly and therefore was banished.
  7. Viking were first to discover Northern part of America & Columbus was second to discover & he was supported by Britishers. Actually, Columbus landed on Caribbean islands.
  8. Thomas Jefferson, a historian, and Benjamin franklin … wrote the declaration of independence.
  9. 4th July is American Independence Day
  10. Thomas Jefferson bought state of Louisiana from France for 15 million dollars
  11. Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the site where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written.

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