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    1. Crossword @ 24-July-2022
    2. Crossword @ 22-May-2022
    3. Crossword @ 22-May-2022

History Mega Quizzes

History Mega Quiz VIWinner : Vihaan
History Mega Quiz VWinner : Vihaan
History Mega Quiz IVWinner : Niti
History Mega Quiz IIIWinner : Medhansh
History Mega Quiz IIWinner : Niti
History Mega Quiz IWinner : Vihaan

Word Scrambles


InventorsWinner : Niti
DictatorsWinner : Niti
RevolutionWinner : Niti
Nobel Prize WinnersWinner : Niti
Father of Nation
Male Astronaut
Female Astronaut


Crossword @ 24-July-2022

Crossword @ 22-May-2022

Crossword @ 22-May-2022

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