Hitler or Mussolini – Who was a Great Leader

Kids wanted to get into debate about Hitler or Mussolini . See what came out of that conversation !


  • Hitler was a better leader because he was a strategist, could convince the nation.
  • He was a genius. He turned Germany into a world power through his vision.
  • He had a great a memory.
  • Hitler saved Mussolini many a times during multiple wars.
  • Hitler could create more loyalty through fear and an exceptionally good orator as well.
  • He chose to develop Germany and hence for that he took war as a mean to achieve.
  • He thought that Germany was a weak country and wanted to make it a supreme race.
  • He was a not a dictator like Idi Amin or Gaddafi holding power in family.
  • He was not from a political background but rose to power & never gave up.
  • He was a non-smoker and he banned smoking.
  • Hitler was a great manager and lead from front.
  • He was a very influential personality.
  • If Hitler would go one war with Mussolini, Mussolini would have gotten defeated.
  • Germany was a bigger country than what it was imagined, that included Poland / Austria / Denmark. He wanted to get back what was lost by Germany.


  • Did not play dirty, did not want to play like Hitler with wars. How is Hitler a better when he killed more than 42 million people.
  • Wanted to revive old Roman empire.
  • He also wanted to prevent the World War II when Austria was being attacked Germany.
  • He also made many peace treaties to establish a world order via treaties (Munich agreement, Four Nations Summit).
  • Mussolini never forced anybody to making him prime minister.
  • In March of Rome Mussolini used his ability to move to become prime minister.

Miscellaneous Points

  • Hitler was a master disguise & better than Mussolini in terms of being a strategist.
  • Mussolini could not save himself whilst trying to make an escape.
  • Mussolini wanted to One party dictatorship should be there in all the nations.
  • Hitler was trying to kill Albert Einstein.
  • Adolf Hitler killed many civilians including children and holocaust was an outcome of Hitler’s doing.
  • Good leader is who thinks about everyone and not thinking about the people he killed was not at all a good quality.
  • Why did Hitler force people to wear yellow colour star?
  • Oratory skills are not enough to be a great leader in context of Hitler.
  • Hitler was a responsible for World War II as a prime leader.
  • Hitler used his wisdom in a bad way.
  • It was a group of fascists led by Mussolini that made him become a prime minister.
  • Hitler was a Austrian born German politician / he assumed the title of Fuhrer.
  • Hitler followed German nationalist ideas and entered politics from the Nazis party.
  • Hitler was a highly creative person being a painter and author.
  • Both the leaders wanted to establish states with anti-democratic principles through path of dictatorship tackling economic problems to gain people trust but Hitler’s anti-race sentiments made him crueller.
  • Mussolini invented the concept Fascism.
  • Mussolini was a journalist.
  • Mussolini was youngest man to hold the office.
  • Hitler ran a secret service by the name of Gestapo.
  • On May 28, 1937, the government of Germany–then under the control of Adolf Hitler of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party–forms a new state-owned automobile company, then known as Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH.

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