Should we be spending more on defense?

We had a debate topic presentation on whether India should be spending more on defense or should it apply moderation. Interesting views were presented for and against !


  • It depends heavily on what kind of neighbors and what relations you have with your neighbors.
  • For example, JAPAN is a country which is protected by USA ( Strongest country in defense, overall) officially still it needs to build its own army because its relationship with CHINA, N. KOREA are not on good terms, no matter which country is protecting Japan, but it needs its own country to be ready.
  • Whereas countries like NORWAY, DENMARK, SWEDEN, they spend least on their defense, many of those countries don’t have any army, navy and air force of theirs as they are members of NATO so they rely on that, also they don’t have any strong enemy hence they can focus on development totally.

We all know god has given us such friendly neighbors. Our little notorious brother Pakistan. Respected Sri Lanka our friendly competitor China. Not to forget our baby boy Bangladesh. All sides we are surrounded by such “peace-creating” countries that we need a lot to spend on our defense budget. Think again what will happen if we decrease it!

Why Defend?

In football, if your defense is weak opponent’s strikers will easily enter in your d-box, score so many goals and you will lose the game do badly.

A similar thing happens if it is a matter of two rival

Deal with a country is kind of dealing with a human body. If we are sick and suffering from a disease we need to cure the disease first instead of nutrition the body.

Stopping the destruction is much more important than building up.

Reasons why India shouldn’t spend more money in the armed forces 

  • India is a developing country and we have been doing fine will the with the current spending budget so we shouldn’t put more money
  • The spending of money for the armed forces is also affecting the economical growth of the country

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