Who Invented Calculus: Newton or Leibniz?


This was our debate topics with the kids , and it was very intense. Everything hinged on timeline creation and understanding who published his work first because that is what makes it legit for any researcher otherwise , claims are just claims !


Common Questions About the Invention of Calculus

Q: What exactly is calculus?

Calculus is a specialized mathematics that allows one to calculate the behavior of functions as they near points close to infinity. It is the study of the relationships of limits, integrals, and derivatives.

Q: Who ultimately is responsible for inventing calculus?

While Newton came up with many of the theorems and uses prior, the conclusion is that Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz invented Calculus.

Q: How has calculus changed the world?

Calculus has made possible some incredibly important discoveries in engineering, materials science, acoustics, flight, electricity, and, of course, light.

Q: Can calculus be used in real life?

Yes, calculus is used predominantly in chemistry to predict reaction rates and decay. Calculus can predict birth and death rates, marginal cost, and revenue in economics as well as maximum profit, to name but a few practical uses.