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Systems Thinking #5- Common Leverage & Convergence

When we are trying to solve customer problems it is important that we do not ignore the fact that business outcomes will also rely on defining a great product that needs to be supported by a strong org design that helps align with the flow of the business.

The application of convergent thinking practice ( picked from the design thinking paradigm ) is helpful in such situations for selecting the optimal solution from a finite set of ideas collected from different sources that can solve a discrete challenge quickly and efficiently.

Apply the process of system thinking to identify a finite set of ideas. Then identify common leverage points.

Apply the methods of convergent thinking using the data and information you need to guide a decision or solution.

Leverage the knowledge of subject experts and relevant data to drive systems thinking and provide the team with analysis to bring that information together into an educated decision. Convergent thinking will typically call for speed and accuracy

A decision that drives us to find a common leverage that can lead us to define and commit on all the three axes of customer problem, product, and org becomes a well-informed decision.