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A Year In Making…

As we start the count down timer for the year to turn new leaf , there is always this feeling of nostalgia on how farther along we have come in our life journey.  Several evcoffee-in-plants_373x_2xents would have happened which our powerful brain would have tried to process and react to.  The myriad nature of these events in itself can put anybody in  awe of what a human body is capable of handling with resilience over a period of time!

We generally tend to keep pushing our limits to commit more & do more , but I guess the biggest gift we can give ourselves in coming year is to take a resolution of not making any resolutions! Life has come a long way and I am sure each one of us has some incomplete resolutions of past which need attention if they are still important and relevant to us , so looking through that would be a better idea than piling more on self.

Do things:

  • Take time out to say thank you to everybody
  • Spend time with your elders ( they are more valuable and relevant than what google can teach us and whatsapp can make us aware of ).  Elders help you slow down a bit and breathe !

Act responsibly and stay calm ! Happy New Year to everybody who reads this short post !

Always remember “people make people” , value each other and respect for what they stand for !


Startup Culture or something else …

We have & continue to observe numerous articles as well inspirational content on how one should have start-up culture , mindset or spirit. All in different dimension & context.

Irrespective of maturity business model & age of enterprise , it has become a fad to call oneself having a start-up mindset or calling the enterprise itself a startup. You might have seen in lot of interviews we do talk about this to prospective candidates  & as well the candidate would ask ” Are you a successful startup ”  ! Well if in first place it was successful then would it now be an enterprise that carries different set of goal & vision ? images

Bunch of like minded people come together , they put an idea into action and try to solve a problem. That is start-up. Passion drives them to solve the problem whilst they figure out other aspects that drive stability & security. For them to guarantee anything beyond themselves is very hard and in fact even for self , it is a challenged science. Over  a period of time they may be successful or may pivot to do something else.

The journey changes on being successful , problem statements change and there are other things to worry about but not the the core business model as such. They would have figured out how to make money , it is like a child growing and going through phases of life. Startups upon success grow to be enterprise and diversify in the way they operate finding niche in successful business model.

So how does then one address the question of passion in enterprise..according to me that has to do with three things ..Autonomous way of thinking creatively and executing in agile manner to discover edge in your business. 

Start-up to enterprise is a journey from survival to sustainability. Therefore it is only a stage in a journey taken up by individuals or bunch of passionate people.Subtle but important difference that can change your approach on how you tackle business problems.

Control & Freedom : Managing Relationships

Freedom is not the ability to do whatever you want but build acceptance of what’s going on in the moment. Teams always subjects one to think about these aspects and it is necessary to remember that despite minor differences we are part of the team and hence pushing towards maintaining control can cause undue tension.

One may have good reasons for his  / her  hypothesis but there is no point in wasting energy or time making big issue , in case there is dis-agreement. At the end of the day mindset coupled with attitude helps one to walk away from such situations.

With right mental outlook one can find ways to turn all events , even those which might be acting against your interests.