Leadership Lessons

Yesterday at office we had a wonderful session on leadership , where mid-managers were invited along with the senior management. A full day discussion on how to effect a change and other aspects of leadership were discussed as part of this session. There was one particular activity which caught my attention more than others. It was related to making changes to self in bunches of 3 , 6 , 12 while standing in pairs. How people react to such activities is very interesting.

The first reaction was to start remembering the change we were doing in anticipation that we may be asked to entail that in the end. Second was about how to make a new change. Funny ideas popped around the place and third was “what are we trying to do , just end it!!!” This exercise was a reflection of the fact that how important it is to prepare people for a change. Readiness levels for each individual remains different and yet we still continue to effect changes without preparing our workforce to embrace it.

I consider that it is important to give an objective to people and give time / space between changes for it to take effect or show results. I know that there may be circumstances when we would not have a choice but to effect the change and that to frequently but as senior management we should allow a change to get absorbed and help people prepare better for the next set of challenges. Compare this with a common-life situation where if you a have problem in neighborhood you see people getting together to solve it or help out but on any other day they would be busy doing their work. What that means is that the “problem” comes out as an objective whilst on other days you keep doing your own things. That is not what you would an office culture to adopt because , business is like a simulated war game where you have to fight the known and unknowns at all times , therefore give objective to people for why you would like to effect a change and be part of it!!!

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