About Me

Me at work !!

Over 20 years of experience developing software to support multi-million dollar revenue scale and managing global engineering teams. Hands-on leadership in building and mentoring software engineering teams, including the establishment of technology infrastructure. Build engineering stack in eCommerce, marketing automation , rapid site launch and customer data platform architecture. Broad experience in deploying and collaborating engineering teams Europe, US and India.

I love to work in various design paradigms like MVC, Multi-tier, Micro-services, Event-driven architecture stack. Hands-on with multiple programming/scripting languages/stacks like Java, Python , node.js & JavaScript.

Current Area of Focus

Designing systems to expand the platform capabilities of Cimpress / Vista to take it from only-print to being a full spectrum design partner for small and micro businesses across the globe !

What I strive for and continuously improve upon

I have four core working principles ingrained in my approach to technology leadership.

Research : Conceptualize & Build / Find applications which can provide strategic edge to organizations

Strategy : Budgeting / Building / Hiring Team and grooming managers

Execution : Build Product Portfolio that would compliment the technology stack

Support : Process Set-up and stabilization


I have an MBA degree in Information Management from S.P.Jain and minor in Computer Science from University Institute of Engineering & Technology Kanpur


  • Casual runner with typical distances of 21 , 10 & 5K . Multiple Runs over a course of many years !
  • Helping my wife run her start-up initiative
  • Supporting CSR activities in area of girl child development and education


  • Working with start-up companies on non-profit basis to help them with product management & solution definition (example: https://www.cloudtailor.in/ )



Vice President Technology | Cimpress India
2021 –

Head of Software Development | Tesco
2020 – 2021

Senior Director Technology | Cimpress India
2017 – 2020

Head of Technology | Vistaprint India, A Cimpress Company
2012 – 2016

Head of Engineering | Anthelio Business Technologies
2010 – 2012

Software Development Manager | Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.
2006 – 2008

Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead | Computer Sciences Corporation
2003 – 2006

Assistant Systems Engineer | Tata Consultancy Services
2001 – 200

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