About Me

Me at work !!

Over 20 years of experience developing software to support multi-million dollar revenue scale and managing global engineering teams. Hands-on leadership in building and mentoring software engineering teams, including the establishment of technology infrastructure. Build engineering stack in eCommerce, marketing automation , rapid site launch and customer data platform architecture. Broad experience in deploying and collaborating engineering teams Europe, US and India.

I love to work in various design paradigms like MVC, Multi-tier, Micro-services, Event-driven architecture stack. Hands-on with multiple programming/scripting languages/stacks like Java, Python , node.js & JavaScript.

Current Area of Focus

Current area of focus is on edge based video streaming and establishing edge analytics for sensor data fusion using open retail architecture and building service mesh approach to managing inter-service communication providing extensible platform for enterprise retail

What I strive for and continuously improve upon

I have four core working principles ingrained in my approach to technology leadership.

Research : Conceptualize & Build / Find applications which can provide strategic edge to organizations

Strategy : Budgeting / Building / Hiring Team and grooming managers

Execution : Build Product Portfolio that would compliment the technology stack

Support : Process Set-up and stabilization


I have an MBA degree in Information Management from S.P.Jain and minor in Computer Science from University Institute of Engineering & Technology Kanpur


  • Casual runner with typical distances of 21 , 10 & 5K . Have done 3 half marathons and a dozen 10K runs
  • Working with start-up companies on non-profit basis to help them with product management & solution definition (example: PlugHR)
  • Helping my wife run her start-up initiative
  • Supporting CSR activities in area of girl child development and education



Head of Software Development | Tesco
2020 – current

Senior Director Technology | Cimpress India
2017 – 2020

Head of Technology | Vistaprint India, A Cimpress Company
2012 – 2016

Head of Engineering | Anthelio Business Technologies
2010 – 2012

Software Development Manager | Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.
2006 – 2008

Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead | Computer Sciences Corporation
2003 – 2006

Assistant Systems Engineer | Tata Consultancy Services
2001 – 200

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