Qualms Of Product-Awareness

Product is a very generic term and changes its meaning depending on the context. As various stakeholders working to deliver an experience it is important to know how interactions impact your consumer space. This is more-over important for product managers operating in different context :- marketing versus technical product ownership.

Every interaction with consumer in the physical world or online is an opportunity to inform about our products and services. With channels through which we approach consumers becoming so pervasive , it becomes difficult to keep pace with the whole idea of creating product awareness. Although we invest time in creating prototypes , making MVP to test the market and then going full blow to complete the product only to get restricted by how to create awareness for the same!


flickr/creative commons

Product awareness has to be attributed to both external and internal stakeholders for us to impress upon the work that goes into building it. You would have often heard this phrase “Oh! I did not know this feature existed”  , reason being that we have not done enough to educate & make our stakeholders aware of the product & what it does.

Following are few pointers on how one could achieve a better product awareness index :-

  1. Information about the product:
    • Share your belief about the product and why you think it make an impact 
  2. Functionality & Quality
    • Talk about the applications that product can achieve for various customer segments
  3. Seek Consumer applications of your products
    • Consumers think of better applications of your products that allows you to create or disrupt the segment. These would generally be your evolved customer base , that understand the value you provide through the product.

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