Yearly Round-up : 2021

It has been another tough year across the board for all of us. The pandemic continues to rage in many forms impacting lives and businesses. Nobody has been left untouched but life must go on !

Personally for me I have been trying to settle down personally & professionally. It has been a year of transition on all fronts. To sum it up

What did the change bring about new ?

Although the pandemic halted all kind of travel for me including daily commute , I have chosen to remove daily commute by staying closer to office or working in remote first set-up to free up time. The time , which we I got back has been helpful in many ways . I will list some here

  • We started a 2 hour weekly history club for kids and have been running it for past 6 months with an average of 6 kids participating in it. It is a interest based club and has been a great source of learning for my wife Rakshita and me !
  • I was able to make small contribution towards securing neighborhood with vaccination drive volunteering
  • I got connected with my long time family friend Sudhanshu & his family. He has been very close to me since US days and this move helped get the connect back !
  • Thanks to people like Vidya Laxman , I have picked up some good relationships back here in Bangalore and the mental strength that has provided cannot be exchanged for anything .
  • I had stopped playing tennis since 2006 and this year I got opportunity to restart , as facilities in my neighborhood as well a ability to connect with again interest based people has helped me get tennis back in my life !
  • My running has been doing good & I am happy that I am able to do it on periodic basis . Numbers matter to me as they help in motivation & retrospection !

Does every change guarantee status-quo ?

The answer is NO , it is difficult to have everything same through a change . Change will impact people around you , sometime more than you ! What is important is to see how you take the change and what you can do about it . Some times we can alter the course , at other times , one needs to let go !

  • Medhansh my kid , could not continue with skating this year . Part as offline school is not available and part because we found it hard to get to a skating ring without sacrificing family time . He was good at it , will he be able to pursue in future , cannot tell ! but for past couple of months he is coaching for Badminton and that is a sport he likes now !
  • Again on another front Medhansh has had to cope up with a new language
  • Rakshita , my wife has had to reinvent her circle to continue on path of pursuing Recipe Dabba
  • I am trying to discover how I see myself pan out in next couple of years standing at 2 decade of working in IT industry !

I could have done less about these changes but as a family , we took a broader call for a better quality of life for everyone. I do have learned that kids adjust best to change ! They are nimble and agile to adapt !

Another year 2022 ?

There can be many ways to see this . From a technical perspective it is a turn on the time dial but how it will pan out will be squarely on us as individuals and teams personally or professionally .

  • Never forget to thank , it has been tough for everyone but gratitude will help all of us go miles!
  • Respect what you have , and the people around you ! Every one is stressed , this is the least we can do be acknowledging the privilege we may command.
  • Plan small ! Big plans are under stress of multitude of variables !
  • Do not find excuse in pandemic , it is pointless . If you control something , then gather will to do it !

I wish every one reading this post a good year ahead ! Stay safe & fit !

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