Window To The World…Ideas On Communications….

So I am back again…although , I am still infrequent..but making improvements. Currently I am passing by quite a few cultures on my trip and it makes me super happy to learn new things beyond just the realms of my job. As I do this , it sounds funny but human communication is highly perceptive and has great self-context.

What is there for me in this , outcome , mode of reaching to that outcome…lot of things pop when you engage across boundaries , businesses and most importantly the people who make it. There is no defined prescription to manage communication and yes there might be great books around this but it all depends on the individual / team on how they approach it.

“Dank u”!! … “Danke”!!… all are about saying “thank you”.. but how you present it makes the difference. Getting people excited about your objective , listening to them and considering what is important all are important part of being effective and we should try to be as much as possible in that mode.

If the window has layers of dust , the world will not be the same place , when it does not…have dust. Dust comes from constant ignore of ability to clean it on regular basis…which means communicate and do that frequently in small bursts..Everybody prescribes to eat small meals several times a day ( I guess 8 … although I am not a dietician ).. I also recommend that we should communicate often to a point that people are not paralyzed with information but also don’t suffer from exclusion syndrome or feel anemic of not having information!!!

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