Bloated Duck Of Ideas…

While working through ideation process it so seems that river stream flows very fast and the rapids are furious when they come down on you , only to be gated by dams in form of viability and ability to implement them to achieve scale…

Now this is more operational view of the idea itself , when discussed but glaciers which generate those idea streams often think that they have been subjected to a speed gun and roadblocks are being created. Reality is that implementation don’t happen overnight and it is somewhat useful to pressure test a concept.

Idea generation process requires calibration ( and yes there are software for everything !!) but having mindset to do that is very important. Getting a better understanding of the outcome from idea and locking down larger versus smaller outcome scenarios is very helpful to build perspective for people who are part of it , who will get impacted and the originator itself.

This approach may help build a strategy of achieving what you want from the idea and prevent creation of a bloated ducks , who have swallowed more than they could digest 🙂

Also remember too much analysis will create paralysis.. so tread with caution…

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